Parent Rave Sheet

Parent Rave Sheets assist the Guidance Counselor in writing the student’s counselor letter of recommendation and should be turned in prior to the student’s meeting with the Guidance Counselor. The completed Parent Rave Sheet can either be emailed to the Guidance Counselor or brought to the Records Room in the Guidance Suite.

Click here to download the Parent Rave Sheet:


FAQ to Application Questions

·      Class Size:  649

·      School Code:  333685

·      We do not rank

·      Transcript GPAs are Weighted.  (The class grade is not weighted, but you see this in the GPA.)

·      AP classes are weighted at 1.1.

·      Honors classes are not weighted.

·      Grading scale:  100   (For example, your GPA is 85.0%, not a 3.0)

·      Report all of your classes.

·      Do we “report” on “academic” classes only, not studio classes?

·      Credit value for each course is 1 for a single period class or 2 for a double period class.


School Profile

School Profile 14.15

School Profile 14.15c2