Auditioning for LaGuardia Arts

LaGuardia Auditions 

September 2017 Admission

Please be sure that you read our AUDITION section, as well as the NYC High School Directory.


Please visit us in the Arts Schools section at the City-Wide High School Fair on September 24 & 25, located at Brooklyn Tech from 10:00 AM – 3:00 PM.  Speak with school representatives and learn more about high schools in your borough, not just LaGuardia Arts.  Staff members and students will be on hand to discuss the LaGuardia Arts Experience as well as answer questions about our audition process.


The NYCDOE Office of Choices and Enrollment offers these tips on how to prepare for the Borough High School Fairs.



• Do some research before you visit the fair. Check out the High School Directory and Admissions Apps to learn about your options. Make a list of schools that you want to visit at the fair. Review the list of schools with family members and your guidance counselor.
• Meet with your guidance counselor. Discuss your interests and concerns with your guidance counselor. Share the list of schools you plan to visit at the fair, and ask your counselor what schools you should add to your list. 


• A tote bag to carry high school publications and any information you receive from schools and information tables. 
• Pen and paper so you can take notes about all the schools you visit. 
• A list of schools and progams that interest you; also, bring a list of questions to ask school representatives. 
• An open mind! You will find many schools at the fair that aren’t on your list of favorites. Be open to new possibilities and learn about all of your options.  

The LaGuardia Arts audition process is explained thoroughly in the AUDITION section of our website.




Acceptance to LaGuardia Arts is based on a competitive audition and review of student records to ensure success in both the demanding studio work and the challenging academic programs. Students who are New York City residents in the 8th or 9th grade are eligible to audition. In September of the 8th or 9th grade, your child should inform his/her guidance counselor of his/her decision so that an admission ticket can be issued for the appropriate audition(s).

Please note: All applicants must submit a copy of their previous year’s final report card and/or transcript for each program they are auditioning for at the time of the audition.