Applicants should be prepared to perform two contrasting one-minute monologues.  These monologues should be memorized and age appropriate.  A list of monologues can be found in the AUDITION section of our website.  (Please note that the list consists of suggestions only.  Actors are encouraged to find monologues from plays that they feel suits them and shows them to their best advantage.  NO ORIGINAL MATERIAL PLEASE.)  Applicants will be asked to do an impromptu reading or improvisation and participate in an interview.  Attire should allow free movement since applicants may be asked to demonstrate how well they move physically.


FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions – Drama

Q: What kind of monologue should I prepare?
A: Prepare 2 one-minute, contrasting monologues, i.e. 1 – comedic and 1 – dramatic, from published plays or monologue books. The characters you are portraying should be young – close to your own age. Avoid playing characters with obvious physical or speech characteristics very different from your own. Monologues should not be verse or from classical works, such as Shakespeare or Moliere.

Q: Can I prepare something I’ve written myself or something that is not from a play?
A: No. Do not select pieces that you have written yourself or passages from novels, short stories, poems, or screenplays.

Q: How should I dress?
A: Wear something comfortable that you can move in. Avoid jewelry and costumes.

Q: Where can I find and/or purchase suggested plays or monologue books?
A: Please view the Suggested Drama Monologues, located in the sidebar on the right side of this page under Application Information.  In addition to the Lincoln Center Performing Arts Library (with an entrance across the street from our school on Amsterdam Ave.) you can also find suitable plays and monologue books at the Drama Book Shop (250 W. 40th St., between 7th and 8th Avenues; 212-944-0595;